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BasinGuide cover
WaterTools: A Guide to three national level platforms that support the management of Australia’s scarce water resources (cover)

Australian Perspective Series

The Evolution of Water Stewardship cover
Gender Equality and Goal 6 – The Critical Connection cover
Gender Equality and Goal 6: The Critical Connection (cover)
Irrigation Water Ordering – With applications for Thailand and surrounding regions: An Australian Perspective (cover)
Environmental Water Management in the Indo-Pacific (cover)
Water use efficiency in irrigated agriculture: An Australian Perpective
Waterway Health Report Cards: An Australian Perspective (cover)

International Bookcase

River Basin Planning: An Indian Guide
India River Basin Planning Policy Frameworks cover
Hydrogeology of the Dry Zone cover

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Framing papers for the 2016 High-Level Panel on Water

Gender & SDG 6: The Critical Connection – A Framing Paper for the High-Level Panel on Water (cover)

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