Community Voices: An Australian Perspective on Community and Stakeholder Engagement

The Australian Water Partnership commissioned Community Voices to provide an Australian perspective on the complexity and challenges of water reform from a community perspective. It represents an important contribution to the Australian water reform journey in addition to the technical and policy reform experiences. The stories of Community Voices in Australia bring to the fore a people and community dimension that is rarely shared but is an incredibly important component of water reform. The insights in relation to what has been successful or not are of value to those considering change processes.

เสีียงของชุุมชน-มุุม องของออสเตรเลีียเกี่่?ยวกั ับการมี ีส่ ่วนร่ ่วมของชุุมช นและผู้้?มี ีส่ ่วนได้้ส่ ส่วนเสี ีย (Thai Translation)

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