Understanding Indo-Pacific Climate Resilience – The contribution of water

This briefing note aims to demonstrate the binding connections between water and climate and present strategic examples of the contributions that water resources and the water sector can make to both carbon emissions and sequestration (climate mitigation), and how we cope with, adjust to, and prepare for climate impacts (climate adaptation and resilience) in the Indo-Pacific region.

There is a special focus on the development and implementation of national-level commitments on both topics as expressed through Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and long-term climate strategies. The effects of climate change on water systems as well as the dependencies of climate adaptation and mitigation actions on our water management choices are outlined.

The note provides further analysis of water management measures that can reduce impacts, support adaptation, and build resilience to climate risks, and concludes with insights on how water resilience can be integrated into future NDC implementation and climate action in the region.

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