Valuing Water: The Australian Perspective. Lessons from the Murray-Darling Basin

This is one in a series of four reports that examine how the diverse values placed on water have shaped the development and management of water resources in the Murray Darling River Basin. The report synthesises and elicits generalisable lessons from three case studies that tell the story of valuing water in the Basin through the primary lenses of economics, environment and Australia’s First Nations cultural values of water.

The insights and generalisable lessons presented in this report are primarily intended for policy makers, practitioners, water managers, water engineers, civil society organisations and academics to inform and improve water management in other country contexts. These lessons are provided not as a roadmap for direct transfer elsewhere, but rather as framing and guidance that should be viewed through the lens of the hydrological, ecological, socioeconomic and political context of a specific basin or country.

This series of reports is the result of a collaborative effort between the World Bank and the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, with support from the Australian Water Partnership, to promote more equitable, transparent and effective management of water resources development. The report is also available to download from the World Bank.

Valuing Water Synthesis Report (PDF, 20MB)


The Synthesis report has been translated into Khmer, Lao, Thai and Vietnamese:

Khmer: កា ឱ្យយ តម្លៃ ទឹក៖ ទឹស្សសនវិស្សយ បស្ស អូស្ត្រា លី. មេ មេ ៀនពីីអាងទឹក ឹMurray-Darling

Lao: ຄຸຸນຄຸ່າຂອ່ງນ້າ: ມີຸມີມີອ່ງຈາກອ່ົດສະຕຣາລິ້ີ. ບົົດຮຽນຈາກອ່າງຮບົນ້າ ເມີເຣ – ດາລິ້ງ

Thai: การีใช้นาอยางรี้คุณคุ าในทัศนวิสัยของออัสัเตรีเลุี่ย. บทเรียนจากลุ่มนาเมอรี์เรีย-ดารีลุิ่ง

Vietnamese: Xác định giá trị tài nguyên nước:Quan điểm của Úc. Bài học kinh nghiệm từ Lưu vực Sông Murray-Darling

Report series

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