Partner feature – Similie joins prestigious international water group

Timor-Leste water-tech company and AWP partner, Similie, has joined a prestigious international group, Imagine H2O, to help tackle Asia’s water and wastewater challenges.

More than 100 companies worldwide applied last year for the Imagine H2O Asia’s Cohort 4.

A community water tank in Maubara, Liquisa, Timor-Leste. This water tank serves about 10 families. WaterAid is using Similie’s Water Supply Monitoring to improve services to these community members by sending automatic alerts to water managers about water levels. (Credit: Belarmino Stagio da Costa)

Similie is one of only 13 companies to be accepted to participate in the Singapore-based water-tech accelerator and market access program that helps communities deal in innovative ways with water and climate crises across Asia.

Similie, based in Dili, digitises rural management systems throughout Timor-Leste by deploying sensors that gather data on water flow and water levels. With this data, Similie generates insights for municipalities to monitor community water resources and supply. Recently, Similie partnered with WaterAid Timor-Leste to help communities in the rural areas of Liquiça and Manufahi to improve water supply management to deal with climate change impacts on water.

Similie CEO and Co-Founder, Craig McVeigh, said he was delighted to hear about the team’s successful inclusion.

“Similie is punching above its weight to become a major player in the world of water and systems’ innovators,” Mr McVeigh said.

“We will continue to empower individuals and companies throughout the region and worldwide with easily accessible data systems and ground-breaking ways to improve lives in these precarious environmental times.”

Companies participating in the Imagine H2O program benefit from start-up development, market access, and an expanded pool of pilot funding resources over the next twelve months. In addition, as a lifecycle partner, all Cohort 4 companies will then join a growing alumni network of 175 start-ups which continue to receive support from Imagine H2O to help deploy and scale their solutions.

Other companies in the Cohort 4 that will help communities deal in innovative ways with water and climate crises across Asia include those based in Singapore, India, Spain, Britain, and the Philippines.

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Featured image: Bili attaches a solar panel to Similie’s Water Supply Monitoring system. Our water monitoring systems reach to the most rural parts of Timor-Leste, providing valuable, real-time information to water managers. (Credit: Belarmino Stagio da Costa)
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