Supporting Indonesia and China’s commitment to water stewardship

The second phase of the Indo-Pacific Water Stewardship Program (2019-2022) commenced on 1 January 2019 and is being supported by the Australian Water Partnership (AWP).

The AU$1M program extension will focus on growing the uptake of water stewardship in China and Indonesia, increasing responsible water management among businesses who use or impact water through their supply chains, or those operating water-sensitive regions.

The initial phase of the Indo-Pacific Water Stewardship Program (2015-2018) saw the Alliance for Water Stewardship Asia Pacific (AWS) successfully work with over 100 sites in eight Indo-Pacific countries at various stages of engagement with AWS Water Stewardship. As a result, companies have now formally committed to achieving water stewardship and are actively supporting the engagement of others.

AWP CEO, Prof Nick Schofield, said that AWP was pleased to see the program advance to its second phase.

“Water stewardship is an important concept in the Indo-Pacific and something which we need to further foster and encourage,” said Prof Schofield.

“The program aligns clearly with many of Australia’s and the world’s water and development priorities, with the recent High Level Panel on Water Report calling specifically for all water-use sectors to be motivated to value water and embrace water stewardship.”

Chair of the Alliance for Water Stewardship and Executive Secretary of the AWS Asia-Pacific Board, Mr Michael Spencer, described the goals for the second phase of the program – many with a future-focused approach.

“The next four years will see us scale up our work in some key industries and geographies, identify industry leaders who can support and drive the program, maintain a research and development program, and generate other sources of income that will build a sustainable business model, facilitate growth and respond to demand-led expansion into new markets.”

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