Framework for establishing environmental flows in the Ayeyarwady

The Australian Water Partnership (AWP) is supporting an Environmental Flows (e-flows) project in Myanmar’s Ayeyarwady River Basin (ARB), with the objective of developing an e-flows policy framework for its adoption. There are many flows-related challenges in the ARB, including the need to balance different elements of river development and regulation to control flooding, to provide […]

Data audit and capacity building in Myanmar

Another AWP project being conducted in Myanmar has been completed. ALS Hydrographics, Alluvium and Hydronumerics recently concluded a project on Hydrological data audit and capacity building in data management. A database of more than 1,000 quality assured hydrological time series datasets for the Ayeyarwady Basin was compiled and installed within the Hydro-Informatics Centre (HIC). Datasets […]

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