Supporting water utilities in the Pacific and South-East Asia to respond to COVID-19

As Australia is working on recovering and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are cognisant that many countries still face public health challenges around accessing safe and clean water which are essential requirements for preventing viral spread and infection. As many countries are now transitioning to economic recovery, support for water utilities is needed to […]

Jonathan Maino interview — Wicked problems in Port Moresby, PNG: non-revenue water, illegal settlements, and institutional governance challenges

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]An interview with Jonathan Maino manager of non-revenue water at Eda Ranu, the water utility in Port Moresby, PNG. He discusses the non-revenue water challenges  Port Moresby faces when supplying water to settlements, working build-operate-transfer (BOT) financing partners and the lessons he believes PNG can learn from other Pacific nations.  Jonathan works for Eda Ranu, a water […]

Traditional leadership versus role-vested leadership in Pacific communities

In an interview, Peter Sharry, director of Axiom Water Technologies, speaks about how in the Pacific, he finds that often traditional leadership roles carry more weight in the community than leadership vested by government. This article looks more closely at the role of the traditional leaders in managing water supplies. This issue is not unique to […]

Rural community water development in the Pacific

In an interview with Peter Sharry, director of Axiom Water Technologies, he discussed how addressing water challenges in rural communities required patience and listening. This was particularly so in the communities he works with, in the Pacific. Water resource management initiatives that do not listen to local people needs can often be subject to the tragedy […]

​Surface water quality in the Asia Pacific

In an interview, Huw Pohlner discussed the critical importance of addressing surface water quality for human and ecosystem health in China and the Asia Pacific — as ambient water quality. This article examines the current state of water quality is throughout the Asia Pacific region and touches on some of the solutions that are being implemented. Water […]

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