Are water markets the solution in Iran

During a recent intergovernmental dialogue on addressing water scarcity in Iran, there was great interest in water markets. Like Australia, Iran uses a substantial proportion of its water resources in agriculture and similar to Australia’s past experience, Iran is now facing an existential threat associated with overallocation and use of water resources, with some even […]

Ground level reflections from the High-Level Panel on Water’s initiatives

As an initiative to support the now-concluded High Level Panel on Water (HLPW), ‘WaterGuide’ policy dialogues were held with four countries to share Australian expertise and experience in water scarcity and drought management, discussing the most significant challenges faced in each country. I personally participated in the Mexico-Australia WaterGuide Dialogue. A recurring challenge identified in Mexico and in the other participating countries was the question of how to effectively allocate and manage water for the environment, providing useful context for an additional contribution to the work of the HLPW—A Guide to Managing Water for the Environment.

Dr Lisa Robins — Strengthening water governance: lessons from Australia and the United Kingdom

By Lisa Robins, Robins Consulting [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A short video featuring Dr Lisa Robins, principal of Robins Consulting sharing her professional experience working to support water governance initiatives in the Greater Mekong Region, Indonesia, and the United Kingdom. In working with M-POWER, then with ACIAR, DFAT, and ANU, Lisa has developed a critical understanding of how water governance […]

Strengthening water governance in Malaysia

More than 400 delegates attended Sabah’s World Water Day Conference & Exhibition “Nature for Water” in Kota Kinabalu (21-22 March). The four conference themes were policy & management, water-related natural resources management, research on water, and technology on water. My presentation focused on strengthening water governance in Malaysia with examples from Australia and the United Kingdom.

Solutions in nature: sounds too simplistic?

By Declan Hearne, International WaterCentre Reframing solutions for nature: what’s really required on World Water Day In Daru, Western Province of Papua New Guinea, the environment is straining under human footprint and lack of planned development. A low lying island original protected by mangroves, the current day foreshore rubbish has replaced the trees. Water resources […]

What the world’s worsening water crisis needs — another conference

By Dean Muruven, WWF Everywhere you look, cities and countries are battling to cope with too much water or too little. From floods in Queensland to South Africa’s national drought disaster, the warning signs about the impacts of our warming world are flashing. Companies and governments are paying more attention to water risk but it […]

Lessons from urban water reform: the Australian story

‘Governance reform’ is a catch phrase that is often used by water leaders as a panacea to fix the many ills afflicting a water sector. From a management perspective, reforms can be difficult to pin down and even more difficult to know where to start. In some ways, there’s no single correct starting point. The OCED principles for good water governance, while offering sound guidance, don’t necessarily help you to know how to get there. Another good starting place is to look at what someone else has done and learn from their experience.

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