Reflections from the 14th annual Pacific Water and Wastewater Association Conference

Themed ‘Water Resilience, Infrastructure and Climate Change’, the 14th Pacific Water and Wastewater Association Conference was held in Koror, Palau in late September 2023 and drew over 200 water experts from across the Indo-Pacific region.   The Conference comprised of the 7th Pacific Water and Wastewater Forum and the AWP-funded Young Water Professionals program, and provided an […]

Partnerships that work: Australian and Pacific water utilities find common ground building climate resilience

Last week, key stakeholders from the Pacific water sector gathered for the Pacific Water and Wastewater Association (PWWA) Annual Conference & 7th Ministerial Meeting of Water Ministers in Palau, under the theme of ‘Water Resilience, Infrastructure, and Climate Change’. The Australian Water Association (AWA), supported by Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade via the Australian Water Partnership joined the program to co-present […]

Partnerships for a resilient and climate smart water sector

The Australian Water Association (AWA), supported by the Australian Water Partnership (AWP), is driving collective impact for a resilient and climate smart future through partnerships in Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Pacific. Program Snapshot: The Solomon Islands In April of this year Sally Armstrong, Head of International and Industry Programs at AWA, was on an island-hopper on her way to Munda, on New Georgia Island in the Western Province […]

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