• China Water Exchange (CWEX) Study Tour, May 2018

    China and Australia share learning on water trading and water markets

    A high-level delegation from China was hosted by AWP, Government and private sector partners on a study tour to Australia on 14-18 May 2018. The delegation from the China Water Exchange (CWEX) visited the southern Murray-Darling Basin to learn about Australia’s water markets and share their own experiences. Prof Nick Schofield, AWP CEO, said that […]

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  • Are water markets the solution in Iran

    During a recent intergovernmental dialogue on addressing water scarcity in Iran, there was great interest in water markets. Like Australia, Iran uses a substantial proportion of its water resources in agriculture and similar to Australia’s past experience, Iran is now facing an existential threat associated with overallocation and use of water resources, with some even […]

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