Outcomes from the Regional Dialogue on Water Scarcity and Floods

A Regional Dialogue on Responding to the Challenges of Water Scarcity and Floods in South Asia was held in Bangkok, Thailand, on 10–11 December 2018. The Regional Dialogue provided an opportunity for participants to exchange information generated through research and practice, and share experience gained from projects and programs on effective responses to water scarcity […]

International Symposium on ‘Creating a Water Secure Pakistan’

The Supreme Court of Pakistan, through its Law and Justice Commission (LJCP), hosted an International Symposium on “Creating a Water-Secure Pakistan” in Islamabad on 19-21 October, in response to the country’s water crisis. Pakistan’s per capita surface water availability has declined from 5,260 cubic meters per year in 1951 to approximately 1,000 cubic meters in […]

Lessons from urban water reform: the Australian story

‘Governance reform’ is a catch phrase that is often used by water leaders as a panacea to fix the many ills afflicting a water sector. From a management perspective, reforms can be difficult to pin down and even more difficult to know where to start. In some ways, there’s no single correct starting point. The OCED principles for good water governance, while offering sound guidance, don’t necessarily help you to know how to get there. Another good starting place is to look at what someone else has done and learn from their experience.

The Australian water reform journey

Dr Jane Doolan of the University of Canberra speaks about the Australian water reform journey at the 2016 World Water Congress and Exhibition, Brisbane, Australia.   Download the The journey encompasses 30 years of Australian water reform, and Dr Doolan describes the purpose, direction, key reflections of the Australian water reform journey. Following from building […]

Prof. Gary Jones’ keynote speech at the AWP/IWA Drought Summit — October 10 2016

Prof. Gary Jones, CEO of the Australian Water Partnership, describes the relationship that Australians have to water resources, telling the story of Australia’s journey towards improved water management and finding the balance between human needs and the needs of the environment. It has been a necessary process of learning — embracing the understanding that water must […]

India National Hydrology Project proposal approved

A proposal from the World Bank for the Australian Water Partnership to provide technical support to the India National Hydrology Project (NHP) has been approved. The World Bank has assisted the Government of India and several state governments with water sector institutional and technical capacity-building over the last 20 years. To date, this work has […]

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