Water management MOU with Peru

In April, Australia and Peru signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to cooperate in sustainable water management. The Autoridad Nacional del Aqua (National Water Authority) of Peru and Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade agreed to cooperate in the areas of:

  1. Understanding the resource base, including water availability and security, water quality and climate change impacts.
  2. Integrated river basin planning and management, including planning, modelling tools, policy, water allocation frameworks and protection of water resources.
  3. Urban water management including water sensitive city design, stormwater management, wastewater treatment, reuse, recycling and desalinisation.
  4. Groundwater mapping, modelling and management.
  5. Managing water demand and improving water use efficiency, including drought and flood management.
  6. Governance reforms and institutional strengthening, including economic instruments.
  7. Knowledge sharing, technical exchange and capacity building.

Arrangements for cooperative development and a work program will be developed over the next year. The AWP will keep partners informed as opportunities arise for cooperation.

Photo: Mr Abelardo De la Torre Villanueva, Head National Water Authority (left) and Ambassador Nicholas McCaffrey, Australian Ambassador to Peru, at the signing of the Australia-Peru MOU in the field of water management (Lima, Peru, 21 April 2017).
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