Water Scarce Cities: Thriving in a Finite World – Full report now available

The World Bank has announced the launch of the Water Scarce Cities Initiative (WSC) report ‘Water Scarce Cities: Thriving in a Finite World’. The report shares the experiences of cities worldwide that are building resilient water supply systems in increasingly water scarce environments.

By collaborating with urban water practitioners, global thought leaders, and institutions, the report makes the case for shifting the existing paradigm, and demystifies solutions for improved urban water scarcity management. It also provides an up-to-date and innovative first-hand look into how water scarce cities are taking fate into their own hands, from exploring new ways to manage water to building resilience to severe droughts.

The Water Scarce Cities Initiative is collaborating with partners to improve water management approaches, to establish a global network of practitioners and experts, and to facilitate technical assistance to build resilience against climate change.

By serving as a connecting thread between water stressed cities, WSC offers a new avenue for knowledge sharing on water success stories and challenges to spark breakthroughs in best practices. WSC also offers an integrated water approach that encapsulates political, social, and institutional dimensions.

Download the report from the World Bank Open Knowledge Repository.

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